Couple passing through KC has Jeep, U-Haul with priceless belongings stolen

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Leonard Serrato and his fiancé said they spent the night at a Kansas City motel to get some rest along their journey from Indiana to their new home and life in Oregon.

When his fiancé woke up to check on their U-Haul with all of their belongings, he noticed something was wrong.

“I can see the look in his eyes our U-Haul is gone. Went out you can see the busted glass on the floor,” says Serrato.

He immediately filed a police report and began seeking help from his friends and a new boss in Oregon.

After posting about the lost vehicle on social media several Kansas Citians stepped up to help, resulting in them finding the exact location of the Jeep, in a secluded area in the metro.

“All of our clothes and stuff were thrown on the side of the road our TVs and computers were stolen from the Jeep,” says Serrato.

Fortunately, the Jeep still runs but there’s damage, which includes the front passenger side window busted out.

Just this morning local law enforcement recovered the U-Haul trailer.

Police told the couple that there wasn’t much left behind.

Serrato says the U-Haul was packed to capacity with everything from their beds, furniture and more.

Realizing those are probably gone, he is hoping some of the priceless items were left, like his mother’s cross from her casket and a flag that was on his fiancé’s father’s casket for serving in the navy.

“All the material things, the bed, the sofa, the couch we don’t care about that. We are hoping what was left behind they saw as trash, but for us, it’s the irreplaceable memories that we can never get back,” says Serrato.

Despite all that’s gone wrong to them in Kansas City they don’t regret making this special stop, to the city that is home to their favorite Kansas City Chiefs.

Surprisingly, their Chiefs items were some of the few things recovered.

“They left all this stuff here so obviously they weren’t KC fans, so I know the KC fans didn’t do this to us, so I still have nothing but love for my Chiefs,” says Serrato.

It’s not just the Chiefs they have a love for, they are appreciative of all the help from Kansas Citians to help get some of their stuff back.

The couple will be reunited with their trailer Wednesday.

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